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objects from 2005-2024

childish hat on animal
cast wax and painted clay
final lift-off
painted wood, fiberglass and plastic
self portrait
painted wood and stuffed cloth
slug collection
painted fiberglass and wood
dawn of the new age
cast wax, wood, photos and frames, with dolly
drip catcher
painted fiberglass, wood, and found bucket
don't sweat the small stuff
handmade towels and wood
lost track
painted wood
flatbed butter waffle
wood, fiberglass, and foam on shipping crate
back and forth at rest
wood and rope with hardware
chandelier with lean-to
cast wax, wood, and candle wick string
water cloud
painted fiberglass and wood
snake fence
painted fiberglass and wood
monument to landscape with butter
painted fiberglass, foam, metal, and cast plastic
monster swimmer stander
painted wood, fiberglass, and cast wax
functional selections
carved wood and plungers
cloud catching
homemade distilled alcohol, wax, mason jars, and found objects
edible landscape kiosk
painted wood, Texas shaped waffle irons, fiberglass, plastic, metal, and napkin dispenser
comfy head chopping block
wood, metal, upholstery, emergency eye washer, and sink
tomb with exit
painted wood and hardware
buried and infected question mark
painted wood and fiberglass on shipping crate
climber uppers
fiberglass, foam, and wood
sconce with teeth
cast wax and wood
becoming a parent
wood and ink
wax, wood, and candle wick string
unexplainable towers
cast wax and wood armature
in and out and up and down
wood and fiberglass
world building
wax, wood, photo, metal, and shipping crates